What To Consider For Your Buffet Table

At a recent event there was a question regarding the placement of items on the buffet tables.  Sometimes it is easier to have the items that you enjoy closer to you; however, this is not always the correct solution.  The table was filled with all types of condiments for baked potatoes; however, some of the items to stuff were at the end of the table with the salad display.   For me it is about the presentation as this can make any meal appealing.

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Tips of Good:

  • If you are planning large parties consider the amount of room your guest will have when moving around the table.  I enjoy allowing the guest to flow from both sides of the table; however, breaking in front of people is not an option.
  • Your buffet table should be arranged in an orderly manner.  The guest should not be thinking where should I be or if they are in the right line. Start the line with your plate then the silverware.  The worse is to have the guest picking up food and placing it on a napkin before seeing the start of the serving line. Your beverages are never surrounded by food items.  If possible have a separate location for your dessert and drinks.
  • Ensure that you have the correct utensils for every dish at the table, particularly if serving from both sides.  Hand jiving the food is not an option.  For fruit displays you can use a mini-spade or fill up a basket and provide toothpicks.
  • Don’t forget to pre-cut the cake and place all dainty cookies or pastries on a platter with a tong, of course.
  • Normally One (1) centerpiece arrangement is all that is needed on the table because you are providing food and not flowers.


Tips of NOT so Good:

  • Placing paper towels on the table
  • Placing salt and pepper shakers on the buffet table
  • Food that is still covered with a lid or plastic wrap
  • Have a specific location for the trash – NOT on the buffet table
  • Remember to show kindness and hospitality at your next event.


Let’s Enjoy and Have some fun!!

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