Event Planner or Coordinator

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Normally an event coordinator is hired by the venue or facility to make sure everything goes smoothly from the venue side.  However, an event planner is hired by the client to take care of details for you so that you are able to enjoy the event stress free.  No doubt the event planner will work closely with the event coordinator on staff having one common purpose in mind and that is to ensure that your event is executed according to your desires.

This is often a question that many companies will asks when planning an annual meeting or even an employee appreciation party.  In fact, I was asks this question recently regarding my duties as an event planner.  We can make a great difference regarding the planning and coordination of any event.  No doubt to hire a professional event planner is greatly beneficial to the client.

These are some of the reasons:

  1. We can provide professional knowledge and skills to the event;
  2. You are relieved of planning and coordinating a large amount of the work that will relieve stress associated with the event;
  3. Professional planners usually have excellent contacts as a result of good working relationships with various vendors and venues.  We will provide you with reliable vendors at prices within your budgets;
  4.  We will meet with the clients to ensure that there is a clear understanding of your needs, desires and the purpose that should be presented to your target audience;
  5. We can add value by making suggestions that can only enhance your event;
  6. We will adhere to your budget and commitment to the event;
  7. We will adhere to your planning schedules and timeline of events;
  8. We will review all of the contracts and ensure that deposits are made in a timely manner, if desired;
  9. We will find and book your venues to accommodate large or small events;
  10. We can assist you to find volunteers if needed to assist with the various aspects of your event;
  11. We will be present at the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly according to the timeline of events; and
  12. We can deal with any concerns that may arise at the actual event.

In summary, an event planner ensures that your meetings, conferences, celebrations are executed as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Let’s get ready to plan that holiday party so you can enjoy and have some fun.

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