Time for the Family Reunion

Slocumb Family Reunion photo

I’m in the process of planning another family reunion and want to share a few tips on how to make it easier.  It is never too early to start the planning and give the family members the opportunity to save the date and set aside funds to have a great time. Normally, family reunions are planned at least 12 to 24 months ahead of the event.  There should also be a lead family member that is designated as the chairperson to keep it together for the other family members.  Even with this in place an event planner can still help in the organizational timeline of events and help other family members that have been designated over other various projects and activities.

Consider researching and sharing a family tree as this can be displayed on a large board or wall when the family gathers for a hospitality meeting.  This will help everyone understand and be able to connect with close and extended family members.

Tip 1:  Start thinking of your Timeline of Events

Tip 2:  Create a current Family Address Directory

Tip 3: Research local hotels and venues that can accommodate the families.  Some venues will offer discounts depending on the guaranteed size of attendees.                          BOOK EARLY

Tip 4: Provide to the Family an early save the date and registration fee

Tip 5: Start to raise money to offset some of the cost of the reunion.  Be considerate of families with small children, those needing extra assistance, travel expense, hotel expense, food expense, family banquet expense and just having some fun expense.

Tip 6: Review the food menu if hosting a family banquet and plan wisely.

Tip 7:  Consider family activities for everyone

Tip 8: Your event planner or the local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is a great source of information

Tip 9:  Consider the registration process and if any decorations or rental equipment will be needed

Tip 10: Don’t forget to hire a photographer for a family photo- This will be priceless for future generations and add names and ages if possible.

After the reunion it is time to reflect and evaluate what worked and what didn’t work.  After taking a few breathes it time to start planning for the next reunion.


Just have fun and keep it organized.  Enjoy!!




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