Want to Feel Comfortable Networking?

I really enjoy networking with others at meetings and at different events.  However, there are times when even I become uncomfortable just wanting to ensure that I say the right thing at the right time.  Keep in mind that networking is not about staying within your own group or even just passing out business card.  We should be able to extend beyond the boundaries of our current business and explore the endless opportunities that are within your reach and to create and build new business relationships.  No doubt it takes works as the purpose is to share information and not just talk about you.

NetworkingI have listed a few tips that have really helped me in this process.

1)     Be on time for the event so you can relax and not feel rushed or frustrated.  The individuals that you approach will be able to feel that emotion that you send their way;

2)    Always enter the room with a positive attitude. Take a second look at yourself to see if you are approachable;

3)    Never stare after making eye contact.  This is your time to enter the conversation;

4)    Never start with your pitch about your business.  Be friendly and start by acknowledging the other person and the time of day- such as ‘Good Morning’…;

5)    After introducing yourself inquire about the other persons business.  Get as much information to start the conversation then it is your time to introduce your business.  With careful listening you can see how your business could partner or assist at their next meeting or event;

6)    Always leave a good impression of yourself and the business.

Another purpose of networking is to expand your business, build new relationships and or partnerships and to introduce your brand and get support.  Every time I attend meetings there are always new contacts, new challenges and more doors to be opened.

Remember you are never the only person in the room that feels awkward.  Therefore, you never want to be that wallflower if you want to move your business to the next level.


*A new contact must know that you are interested in their success first

And you are there to make it happen*

Let’s network, follow-up and ENJOY!

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