Easter Fun Ideas

After reading an article in Better Homes and Gardens I wanted to share with you other ways you can create and have fun at any event.

Let’s start the party with a colorful and fun centerpiece arrangement created from vegetables and flowers.

These are so cute just have some fun and place them as the centerpiece on your kitchen table for all to enjoy.  The best part is you can use other vegetables and flowers that you so enjoy.  This photo uses carrots and lettuce leaves inside of the vases that you already have at your home to create this unique arrangement.  Just add your own string or ribbon for that extra touch of color.

Why it is that dyed eggs seem to taste better than the regular egg that is just hard-boiled on the stove?    Just look at these tie-dyed eggs that add not only color but texture. 

The article says you get a paper towel that has been slightly moist with vinegar and wrap it around the egg. Then you press food coloring tubes onto the paper towels and let the covered eggs sit for a few minutes.  After you remove the paper towel you have your masterpiece.  The kids will love this idea so ensure you have enough workable space so all will have some fun.

You will absolutely love these polka-dot sticker egg designs that can be make from stickers that the kids have around the house.  You can also use construction paper or even colored typing paper and have fun by designing  your dots cutting small circles or using the hole puncher from your office.

Before we start let’s ensure that the eggs are hard- boiled so everyone can have some fun–

                                                              I’m ready are YOU!!

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