Power in the Conversation

Power WordsHave you ever been in a crowded room and just did not know what to say?  I have often moved to the side of the room just to get a better perspective on who is attending and where is my place in either one of the conversations.  This does not mean that I am shy; however, just not wanting to be over aggressive or pushy.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase that some people just have the ‘gift of gab’.

At a business meeting the other day I noticed there are certain individuals that just have a mastery of words as they are confident and secure in what they are saying.  I know that these qualities don’t suddenly appear as they are developed over time and polished with the various challenges that confront us on a daily basis.  So the next time you are in a business meeting, at a conference, in a restaurant or even at a family gathering listen and look closely for these tools of action as you will notice the following.

The individual(s) will:

1-      Asks questions;

2-      Is a good listener;

3-      Uses positive body language

4-      Commands respect;

5-      Displays a sense of power; and will

6-      Definitely motivate others.No doubt these are the necessary tools in a power conversation.

I’m Ready or YOU?

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