What Is The Value Of Your Time?

I just recently talked about the value of our business time at a Mastermind meeting. Oftentimes we appear to be busy; however, we are losing focus on valuable time and the expected results of our efforts. I read these simple tips below in the October 2014 issue of iBlog business section written by Sami Cone –SamiCone.com@TheSamiCone. She says there is nothing wrong with being busy except you cannot be busy all of the time.

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Let me share these simple yet overlooked tips–


  1. Quit whining as it is a waste of productive energy and time;
  2. Say NO to anything that costs more money in taxes and accounting fees to process. We must figure out the worth of our time and accept no less; and
  3. Skip unnecessary trips. Going to every conference without getting paid can be a misuse of your time from work. No doubt these relationships are valuable and can help cultivate business partnerships; however, make sure to weigh the entire cost before booking that next airline trip.

She suggests better time-management skills and thoughtful work schedules as not to suck life out of you and your bottom line.

This was great information shared and so in tune with our discussion. It is time to start looking at our time and make it happen in 2015.

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