Okay- What’s Next?

timeline-boxes-and-linesWhen planning your next event let me suggest that you create a timeline and not ‘wing-it’. This means that you are hoping for the best results without any preparation. Even organizing‘flash-mob’ dance calls for preparation. Can you imagine a surprise dance and no one has any idea what to do and at what time it should start. DISASTER!!! There needs to be some type of organization to every event. Just imagine going to a party and without notice the couple had planned ahead to get married and share this moment with family and friends. After the ceremony the party continues with dancing and enjoying the guests. This is for the non-traditional couples that only want the guests to enjoy and take their budget into another direction such as saving for that new home or even paying down those school tuitions. This is not for everyone; however, it can be a blast with organization.

I always recommend a timeline and leave space to ‘wing-it’ if the clients want to add a special touch at the last minute. My suggestions for a timeline include:

  1. Establish your objective(s)
  2. Establish a workable budget
  3. Site visits to several venues depending on your guest list
  4. Determine destination – Any cultural differences
  5. Event Planner Consulting
  6. Review program details from the beginning to the end of the event
  7. Establish communication with the event coordinator or venue manager
  8. Review and establish priorities
  9. Discuss and negotiate
  10. Review all details with all vendors, venues and/or family and friends

Explore and Create new ideas for your next event. You can change them later yet staying within your budget.

Let’s Have Some Fun and ENJOY!!



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