Tips on Planning a Safe Meeting

Listed below are a few tips to consider when planning a meeting:
  1. Seat configuration that allows physical distance.
  2. Send out a meeting protocol and abide with your request (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  3. Ensure meeting tables are disinfected and participates have a safe area to wash hands.
  4. Work with vendors that can provide personal protective equipment or work with vendors that provide masks and gloves for safety.
  5. If a guest comes with any signs of illness provide rapid COVID-19 testing.
  6. Contract a nurse for safety for all; and
  7. Communication is very important for all.
Some meetings may need to be scheduled into next year or consider with the client to FaceTime or ZOOM. Let us be safe and considerate for everyone. Meeting planners are not medical experts; therefore, review the appropriate websites and local medical directives on updates regarding the virus and safety precautions. ENJOY and BE SAFE!!!      
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