Virtual Event Planning Tips

During this period of adjusting to virtual events and ZOOM Meetings, listed below are a few tips that can help NOW and LATER:
  1. Request for Proposal (RFP)- This is the document that provides details regarding the event. Normally government projects are the only organizations that request this information. Therefore, it is important to ask as many questions upfront and even during the process until the project deadline or cutoff date. Be aware that some venues are not accepting new clients until the year 2021. However, ensure your RFP follows COVID-19 (along with you and your staff).
  2. Virtual Event Goal – Do not forget to acknowledge your target audience as this will be different from the normal in-person events.
  3. Be Aware of the safety of your staff, speakers and audience. The digital world involves many changes. Speakers need to understand that voices may change, background may flicker, microphones may stop and even screens may go blank. It takes many individuals in expert areas to help events to run smoothly.
  4. Listen and Learn from the professionals in the technical areas.
  5. Learn from these new relationships. Many venues such as convention centers and hotels will rely on their audio-visual technicians that may be in various areas of the country.

From a Webinar featuring Grant Hill as he talks about Business – Success After Success-

‘Own Your Decisions…Have individuals in your life that are Positive Examples.’


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