Safety FIRST!!!

Let’s continue to be safe during this time of our business relationships.

Consider the following when scheduling events:

  1. How many people are expected to attend?
  2. Is the event scheduled for inside an event hall or outside the event hall?
  3. How close will the guests be seated or standing apart?
  4. Can the guests list be reduced, if necessary for safety?
  5. Are we enforcing the CDC guidelines with everyone?

I realize we want to meet face to face; however, currently the LOWEST-RISK is virtual-only gatherings.  MODERATE-RISK gatherings are usually smaller outdoor events with the guests at least six feet apart, wearing face masks and not sharing objects.  The HIGHEST-RISK gatherings are large in-person meetings and/or parties where attendees travel from across the country to meet in one central location.  This is very hard to control as we must consider the health of ourselves and the health of our staff.

We are all looking forward to better months ahead as we are ready to help and assist our clients.

In the words of Viola Davis: ‘Harness the Power You Have Right Now!!’

We will continue to Create and Inspire as we move forward.


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