Timeline Planning Tips

As an event planner it is so important to create a timeline of events that will happen before and after the project.  This is important as many times the unexpected will occur and you need time to research or even locate a necessary item for the event.  This happened to us recently and creativity became an essential tool to make it happen. Important steps to remember: 1-      Stay calm; 2-      Plan and re-plan; 3-      Review the project from beginning to the end; 4-      Review details with your staff and delegate specific duties and/or tasks; 5-      Allow extra time before the event; 6-      Be available to make changes if necessary; and 7-      Confirm and re-affirm When recently confronted with this situation after a good night’s sleep the problem was solved early the next morning and the event ran smoothly and on time.  After each project we conduct a feedback session and add any expected to our expected list. Unexpected friendsReady for the next Event-
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