Networking Oops!!

This has been a really busy time within the business and over the past weeks I find that networking is so important.  Can you believe I made a referral to a client and the business owner did not remember ME.?


Oops #1 – If you cannot remember the person that is sending to you the referral just be polite and look up their information.  However, never say –“I don’t know who you are talking about”.

Oops #2 – Handing out someone else’s business card that is mixed in your stack of cards or even having just too many in your hands where they start to fall on the floor.

Oops #3 – Not listening during introductions and not allowing the other person to explain their business.

Oops #4 – Be conscious of your body language showing you are listening and attentive and not start to look at the wall or ceiling hoping someone will just call your name.

Oops #5– Following up with a contact and not remembering their name or something special about the conversation.

We all realize that networking is a strong way to grow your business and most of all to get to know and nurture new business contacts.  So if there is an Oops moment-recover as soon as possible as it could be that icebreaking moment to the start of a new business contact.

 OKAY did I say that – OOPS!!!

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