Important or NOT?

I have been asks many times about what one thing is important when planning an event. The answer often lies in what is important to you. However, to have any event you must have identified a suitable location that works within your budget. Unless it is an impromptu event you need to have a place to invite the guests even for that intimate an anniversary or dinner party. Riverfront Setting With this in mind you start to search for locations that meet your budget and don’t forget about the actual location of the venue. If might work with the budget; however, the location is just not right for the party. When you look at the venue consider your guests list and determine if handicap accessibility is available or even if there are just too many steps to climb or the parking area is just too far from the party location. Then decide the number that will be attending and if area is large enough to move around comfortably without pushing up again each other. Have you ever been to an event and the chairs touch each other when moved or there is no elbow room to eat and even worse when your legs start to pull down the table linen. Also consider if there are other events scheduled on the same day and at the same time. Even at the dinner party remember to consider your neighbors that may have a party at the same time where parking may become an issue. If planning a party remember music can become just too loud so consider the acoustics at the location even within the neighborhood and/or subdivision. Floating LightsSome of the most beautiful decorations are just nature and candle light effects. However, if outside always consider the changing elements of the weather. To help in planning it is sometimes easy to start with a theme and arrange your creative energies around that idea. So let’s have some fun and ENJOY!!!
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