The Moods of Color

We often hear and talk about the colors we enjoy wearing and seeing in our everyday activities.  I enjoy going on vacation because I want to go to the beach or sit and watch the waves flow in and out from the shore.  When we go on vacation there is a mood of relaxation with the blues and greens as these colors have a calming effect.  However, these colors can also represent being cold and unfriendly.  However, have you noticed that shades of red and purple seem to intertwine and mix calm, romance with excitement?  Purple (a mixture of red and blue) is a favorite color after blue and green.


No doubt colors influence our emotions regarding everything that surrounds us.  The blue skies are so beautiful above with the various green shades that embrace the plant life below.  This reminds me of the dynamic duo of the sustainment of life.  When you add a touch of warm colors to this duo you have created excitement and energy.


So the next time you go on vacation or even take a serious view from your deck to your pool notice the colors that surround you and change your mood.  Blue can be calming or cold; green is a symbol of nature, growth and life; red is excitement, power and fun; whereas, brown is the color of the earth that gives us the feeling of strength.

Just take a look around your space and share your color with me—

Photos – Frank Altimare Antigua 2012



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