Let’s Party Outside

Tent and Balloons

If you are considering an outdoor party you can have great fun if you remember a few tips:

  • Always be prepared for the unexpected weather conditions and have a contingency plan.   I always recommend sides for your sturdy tents  with either air or heat (according to the weather conditions) so you and your  guests can enjoy the event;
  • Consider – Will I need an outside bathroom facility or umbrellas available in the case of rain or even for heat?;
  • If you hire a band, DJ or catering service – is electricity needed and where are the outlets?  Will you need a generator in case of electrical failure?;
  • Be cautious of food preparation  making sure the food selection is suitable for the outdoors;
  • What is the condition of the lawn? Will the lawn need to be sprayed before the event?;
  • Can my guests move around comfortably even those that may have a physical disability?;
  • When is the best time of day and month to hold this event?;
  • Is there sufficient lighting just in case the event is held late in the evening or even early in the day with overcast skies?;
  • Depending on conditions a first-aid kit should be handy;
  • Where are the locations of the trash dispensers?;
  • Don’t overlook the bugs because they will be watching as no one wants to be bitten even for a short period of time;

Always have a back-up plan, be flexible and prepare for the unexpected.  However, outdoor events are usually casual with loads of fun for everyone.  If it is really hot and/or humid consider hand fans for your guests.  They make great souvenirs for your party.

Let’s get this party started and ENJOY!!


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