Setting Your Business Fees

I have heard many of my colleagues question the process of setting their professional fees and yet continue to run a profitable business. I realize our fees reflect the quality of our work and the WORTH of our services. Recently I read this article in Successful Meetings Magazine and would like to share some of the information.

The article was written by Matt Alderton who is a Chicago-based freelance writer, editor and journalist.

Meeting planners and consultants frequently charge their clients by the hour. Unfortunately their rates often are arbitrary—and too low. If you want to maximize your business you should start by maximizing your earning potential. It’s important to determine exactly how much time it takes to do your job.

Tim Parker, Intuit Small Business Blog Contributor says that: ‘If you are professional then charge professional rates. You should set proper expectations for yourself and for your client as this only helps you quote the project more accurately’.

If you are valuable and offer that type of service there are many ready to hire you-

Let’s be WORTH the TIME–Worth

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