Polite Way to Share Business Cards

As business owners we enjoy networking with other business owners and sharing our information with the business card. This is an excellent avenue of exchange; however, this can be a plus or negative to your company. Have you been in meetings where cards are placed in your hands without even knowing who or what they do? Just giving you my card-

When you first meet someone, it’s okay to request a business card from them. However, if the person is of a higher position than yourself, you should wait for them to offer their card to you first. Remember if they want you to have a card, they will give you one! (Success Magazine Tip)

Here are a few business card tips:

  1. Be prepared to share your business card with others. Have you been in situations where you could not find your cards, where you gave out another persons’ card or even ran out of your cards before the end of the meeting? You can never tell when a potential client or new business partner just may be at the meeting. I have even be asks for my business card while shopping at department stores.
  2. Are your business cards in good condition? I have received cards with stains and just simply worn out.
  3. Do your business cards have the correct information of your current position? Have you received cards with information from a prior employee or outdated contact information?
  4. Never offer your business card to someone that shows no interest in your business or product. I would suggest that you have an exchange of cards and follow-up and let that individual know you remember them and their contact information is also valuable.
  5. Never give out more than one business card to a new contact. I have received up to 50 cards at one time and told to share with others.
  6. When receiving the business card take a few minutes to look at it. This would be your time to gain additional information about their business and find out exactly what the company is about.
  7. When exchanging cards in a table setting they should not be thrown at each other as if you are in a card game. Remember sharing business cards is another way of free advertisement for your company.

Your business cards are a reflection of your personality and business style. There is no need to have more information than needed; however, some cards have no information as all.

Okay I’m going to take these tips as well and let the networking begin.

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