Planning A Children’s Party

I receive several requests to plan and organize a children’s party. For me it is still the same initial steps of planning any event; however, let me make some suggestions if you want to cut down your cost and reduce clean-up time.

1. If the school will allow considering have a party celebration at school. You can bring everything during a break period and the other parents will love to have their free time on the weekend. I have provided signature cupcakes for a teenager at school during the lunch break.
2. Consider having the party at a movie theatre where the child’s favorite movie may be showing. Most movie theatres have separate rooms available where they can provide food and drinks and you can bring the party cake.
3. Design fun party invitations with the theme of the party. You can even provide a party hat for the guests to design at home and wear to the party.
4. If the party is at your home you need fun entertainment and don’t forget to set a time for each activity. Depending on your location scavenger hunts can be so much fun for everyone. However, don’t forget to inform your neighbors about this extra activity.
5. If the child enjoys being creative consider the design of a cardboard house that is easy to setup and break down.
6. Food is always important. Some parents have hired a cook allowing the guests to make cookies or even decorate individual birthday cakes. You can also set up a cookie bar or ice cream station. Totally Yummy—
7. Just consider the age of the child and the attention span if showing a home movie.
8. If the weather permits outdoor activities are the best. This will prevent a home invasion or just having the children running everywhere.

Organization is the KEY

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