Ready for the Party?

Holiday-dinner-tableAt this time of the year there are many companies and individuals hosting holiday parties. In fact today someone asks me if it was too late to hire a planner. Of course, it would depend on what you need to complete your party needs as their schedule could be fully booked. Let me share a few suggestions that will help when considering hiring an Event Planner.

1- Before you make that call you should be able to explain and know what you want. We also need to know the flexibility of your budget;
2- Professional Event Planners should be able to create and make recommendations from your ideas and thoughts. The key is to listen to the client- LISTEN-LISTEN;
3- You should be able to connect from the first meeting and offer suggestions to take the party to the next level;
4- Before the meeting is over you should know what is expected of you. There should never be any guessing as you prepare a timeline of events. For corporate events request the name of the contact individual and schedule meetings to ensure you are meeting their expectations; and
5- There is no substitute for a Contract or Letter of Agreement. This ensures that both parties know what is expected from the start to the end of the party.

Communication is a MUST. If you are planning the party or decide to hire a Planner you need to at some point ‘Let It Go’ into the hands of the expert. We usually have no need to be micro-managed if all of the information has been shared whether large or small.

Trust the individual you have hired, confirm their progress then relax and ENJOY!!

‘If You Hear Music DANCE’…from the ‘Cinderella’ movie

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