Planning The Next Move

As we have started a new year there is so much ahead to be accomplished. Have you considered a plan or moving in many directions with no specific goal just hoping for the best?
My DreamsMy goals have always been larger than my dreams. So when I read an article by Sara Blakely, business women and founder of Spanx these words given to her by her father resonate in my mind. He asks what she had failed in each day. This is true as it is not about failing; however, what lesson(s) did you learn from each experience.

Listed below are a few tips that I want to share:

1- Failure or disappointments are part of growth. Not holding your head down yet seeing what needs to be changed and try again;

2- Be around positive people that know more than you think you know; and

3- Start each day with positive thoughts. This is from the time you open your mind to the moment you step out of bed. I read from the book ‘The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod that:…my past does not equal my future.’ I will stop living out of my rearview mirror and life with limitless possibilities.

There is no way for me to plan my next event without planning the growth and future of myself.

Ready to Focus, Plan and Move Forward in 2016

– Now for that next client–

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