Events Preparation

As the holidays approach many companies and individuals will be looking for professional planners to help in the coordination of parties and other special events. Let me offer a few suggestions when potential clients request a proposal or information regarding your company.

To quote your fee without researching will not only loss a client for you it can actually damage your own reputation and that of the company.

1. Be HONEST when providing a proposal for services. You and your staff are the only ones that really know the cost of your time from the start of the event until the closing of the venue doors;

2. Be TRUTHFUL when you give your quotes and if not sure it is better to say ‘Let me re-check for clarity’. Some venues and property prices change on a seasonal basis and often will increase from year to year;

3. Be PUNCTUAL if you schedule a meeting or site visit. If you are unable to arrive on time make a telephone call to reschedule or even consider rescheduling your calendar of events if you have double booked.  Each client should be important and treated with respect;

4. Be PATIENT with your client’s request. There are times when events change at the last minute so we must be flexible and willing to make adjustments that are appropriate for the event. Try to be calm and above all professional in your actions; and

5. Consider FUTURE clients and events for your business. Some events should be denied as you can usually determine after the first meeting or even after a telephone conversation. That’s Okay.

I have not taken every event request because of many circumstances. Such as the location, no direct contact individual, budget restraints, etc.

Remember it’s okay to reconsider as you want to continue to add planks to your bridge making a strong foundation for your business.

ENJOY and Have FUN

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