Post Pandemic Trends

With everyone ready to get back to what seemed normal many events had to be postponed for over a year.  Some of the trends and tips are:

1)Brighter Colors – Get Excited!!!

2) Again, Budget is always a factor.  Some venues have affordable prices on OFF PEAK days of the week.  Such as Monday, Thursday, or Sunday Make your contact as soon as possible before the rates began to soar—

3) Gift Giving- It is always good to consider others and give gifts you think they may want.  However, heartfelt gifts are the best.

4) Safety – Guest always wants to feel they are in a safe environment.  Working with your Planner or Venue Coordinator should give you the best advice such as where the emergency exits if a guest becomes ill or is there someone on staff to help.  Consider a personalized mini-hand sanitizer or sanitizing station.

5)If you want a specific type of flower, it may cost more at this time. The weather conditions affected many areas of the country.

Now ENJOY and Create Your Next Event – Have FUN!!!

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