Returning to ‘NORMAL’ is important; however, it is still very important to maintain a workable budget. Many clients will only consider the immediate expenses and not what happens to get to the end of your event.

It is so important to create a budget and stick to it as there will be changes and/or additions along the way. Once you have your timeline schedule and initial budget on paper do not forget to review several times and include even that new dress, suit, hair, make-up and other out of pocket costs. The big items will be the renting of the venue (if not provided), food, transportation to and from the event, out of town guests transportation (such as immediate family and friends) and do not forget your personal time to relax.

After the event compare your actual expenses to the budgeted costs. You may be surprised as this will help you when planning or hosting another party.

Suggested budget cost for an Outdoor Event is:

1- Tent Rental
2- Table and Chair Rental (type of chairs)
3- Lightning
4- Flowers or any type of decoration
5- Audio-Visual Equipment

Suggested Budget Cost for a Luncheon or Dinner:

1. Luncheon Location
2. Centerpieces
3. Gifts for guests
4. Food to include beverages and/or bartender.
5. Photographer

These are a few suggestions; however, I suggest you work with a Planner or someone that has contacts to ensure your event is successful. Always expect the unexpected and be prepared.

ENJOY and have FUN!!


“Let Us Create and Inspire Your Moment in Time.”
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