Planning a Goal Setting Party

As we start another great year let’s think of ideas that will help employees and ourselves to move beyond the norm and push for different results.  It has been said if we continue to do the same thing over and over we will get the same results.  So have you thought about having a goal setting party not only within the work environment but at home? Goals

Goals are short- or long-term objectives (what I want to be or do) with measurable obtainable results.  This could really be a lot of work; however, if I continue to do the same thing I will continue to receive the same results.

So what can I do?

First of all do you have a vision or are you okay in your current space?

1- Call a family meeting and as a group decide what goal or goals you want to achieve in a specific time period;

2- Write your goals down and insert them inside of a balloon.  As your goals are accomplished you can burst the balloon and add that slip of paper to the ‘Done List’.  Think of different ideas on where you want to place your accomplished goals.  It could be on a poster board, create a collage, or if you are really serious design a group chain to keep you on track.


Remember that balloons will lose air so set a time period even if it means moving your idea to another colored balloon.  You are still pushing toward an attainable goal.



If you are setting goals within a work environment it will be a little more formal.  Always remember that these are your goals; however, they should be for the better good of the team.  Work together to create a team board and focus on what you really want to accomplish.  Use something within your office such as a bulletin board or even that artificial or silk tree in the lunch room to motivate success.  Place a gold leaf at the top of the tree and begin to add leaves that show that you are moving from success to success.  It seems simple; however, we want to engage and encourage.

There are so many different ways to have fun in the goal setting process. A short term goal may be to go to the grocery store and only buy what is on my list.  A long term goal may be to go to the store and only spend $100 dollars – OMG I see some chips or my favorite ice cream.

 (Remember that was not in my budget). 

Let’s have fun moving by staying in motion to our goals and beyond –



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