Engagement Dinner Party Ideas




Now that you are engaged why not plan a dinner party to set the tone for the upcoming celebrations.

Whether the party is near or far you want to surprise and create excitement for all that will be attending.



The element of surprise would be to create your engagement theme around the month or holiday that the engagement occurred.

New Years Eve party


Listed below are a few tips for a small, yet elegant dinner party.

1-      Keep it simple;

2-      Limit your guest list to no more than 10 individuals or less.  If you are inviting out of town guests allow at least four to six weeks, if sending out invitations;

3-      Select your dinner arrangement setting  around the engagement theme or around your favorite moments that you have shared with loved ones;

4-      Create your own menu or hire a caterer or chef to add that special touch.  You really make it special by preparing a menu of the favorite foods from your first date or even from a family tradition; and

5-      If in doubt hire a planner.

It’s always good to plan ahead so there is no need to rush on the day of your event.  There is so much that you can create at a dinner party that the ideas or limitless.  Just remember you want to enjoy your guest and create that special moment that means so much to you and your family.


Congratulations – Now Enjoy the Party!


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