Net-Working – Do or Don’t

So just want does networking mean or should I say what does networking mean to YOU?

There is a formal definition of the word that in summary can mean to share information with other individuals whether with family or friends or in your business.  Have you overheard at meetings someone say ‘I know so many people’.  Okay, have you wondered how they get others to see their value?’


Listed below are a few tips on networking from

1. After you make the connections don’t forget to FOLLOW UP;

2. Show a POSITIVE ATTITUDE as people can feel your ENTHUSIASM when you speak with them;

3. Consider a PARTNERSHIP as another option when you network;

4. People want to know that you are TRUST WORTHY and HONEST;

5. Because you may be referring your business and recommend someone else during the conversation you should present an ETHICAL BUSINESS;

6.  Remember to LISTEN as that may be the key to moving your business or relationship to the next level.  Definitely a one way communication is not good!

7. Most important always remember to say THANK YOU.  People like to refer services or products to business professionals that go above and beyond.

Networking is done all of the time in every phase of your life.  If you are a careful listener there will be opportunities when you are at a department or grocery store, talking with friends and family or even at sports activities.  Just remember to carefully move into the conversation and not monopolize a conversation at any event or social party.

The word means just want it says as it does take WORK and dedication.  So review your client list and be prepared when the opportunity comes your way as you grow from success to success and add value to yourself and your business.

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