Time To Network and Connect

Often it is not easy to meet new individuals in a business or even a family setting. It just takes practice and confidence in YOU. Some think networking is fun and exciting and it can be -If you know someone in the room. This also applies to family reunions. You will get that stare and even a question of who are you related to. You may actually have no idea—

1- Start with a friendly introduction such as a handshake- Women extend their hand first to the gentlemen. So if you have food in one hand and a drink in the other- let’s not shake hands!!
2- If possible try to repeat the individuals name as this is a personal touch to any conversation. If the individuals name is difficult to remember I suggest that you write it down by the way it sounds to you. This really applies if you are at an international conference or meeting. It will probably look one way and be pronounced totally different.
3- Try to show interest in the conversation and yet not take over the conversation. It will be shown that you know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about. This is not a good first impression.
4- Be relaxed and if you are not feeling comfortable with a group move on. If your purpose is to network meet someone different. Be careful of the information that you share as you never know who is related to whom.
5- This is always a good idea to know who you want to meet and research the background of the company. If this is for a family member then ask one of the elders of the family to share some positive information.
6- Your body language is so important- so maintain good eye contact, stand confident and try not to look away at the walls or floor.
7- Listening skills are very important; however, no need to nod your head or agree with every word being said.
8- Everyone is not a touchy feely person so never interrupt by touching to get attention.

Time to network with good and productive conversations.

Let’s put the pieces together.

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