Party Workshop Tips

Recently I was ask to provide party planning tips and ideas for a workshop at Chick-fil-A to business owners and entrepreneurs.  Not only was this a great opportunity for the company I also gained unknown information to me about this organization. I had no idea that everything is prepared fresh each morning and there is a person that comes in just to cut up the delicious fruit that is used to prepare their fruit salads.

Chick-Fil-A WorkshopThe professional manner in which the food products were presented and the information received from CFA, Director Moises Ortiz was invaluable.  The networking experience and the information shared just made this a great evening spent before relaxing for the day.  The food ‘hits’ for the evening were: Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap, Garden Salad Tray, Fruit Tray and that delicious Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing was so good.

Everyone had a great time as I shared the following tips for planning any event.  Always consider:

  •                   Why
  •                   Who
  •                   What
  •                   Where
  •                   When
  •                   How Much

The old saying is true that you are only as good as your vendors and you will likely get what you pay for.  Remember the least expensive is not always the best deal for anything in life.

This question was asked during the Q&A period:   How Important is the RSVP?

rsvpRSVP comes from the French expression répondez s’il vous plaît, which means in English to “Please Respond.”   This is so important to the host or hostess when planning events to help with the seating arrangements and the correct amount of food and or beverages that will be needed.

The RSVP should be returned as soon as possible just in case you put it aside and forget to return before the cutoff date.  Even if you see the date on the card your reply should be answered with a yes or unable to attend.  If there are circumstances outside of your control that could affect you’re attending the event please contact the host or hostess to inform them of any special concerns.   If the card has a specific name it is impolite to add additional family members or friends to the guest list.

Take time to plan and your planning will be successful.

Let’s Enjoy the Party and Have some Fun!

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