Outdoor Event Planning

As I continue to plan outdoor events we must always be mindful of our surroundings that may include all types of insects.  These events need careful site reviews as you want your guests to enjoy and not be concerned about crawling or biting pests.  It is also a good idea to make your site reviews at various times of the day and night and also to consider every aspect of the elements.

So let’s consider some causes of potential concerns:

1- Lack of Planning

  • Need open communication with the clients and the venue
  • Ask Questions

2- Not taking time to make a site  review of the venue both inside and outside

  • Focus
  • Set Priorities

3- Learn to say “NO”

  • It may not be a workable idea
  • There may be unforeseen hazards such as permits for fireworks, parking spaces, handicap accessibility, etc.

Ways to overcome concerns:

1- Organization is the key element

  • Create a filing system
  • Set priorities

2- Understand the clients request and the expected end results

  • ASK

At a venue the other day along with just the elements of an outdoor event by the water we noticed something on a chair.

It was a wooly bear caterpillar

Not sure what you are thinking; however, I was ready to go inside and let the worm have the outdoor deck.

This is not always the answer; yet, you must be aware of your surroundings and the health and safety of the guest.

Okay let’s have some fun and ENJOY that beautiful sunset.

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