Listening Skills – The Human Connection

 In planning events you must listen to the client’s request.  Have you ever been in a meeting where the host never gets to ask questions because there is always someone in the group that has become an expert in every area?   I’ve often heard and by experience it is so true there must be a ‘Human Connection’ with each client.  For me it is to ensure that the clients trust us to maximize their investment in our company.

We believe the planning should be fun as it was created from the inspiration and information we receive from you.

Being understood takes some work as you must STOP talking and LISTEN.  These are a few of my tips that I use and want to share with you:
  1. Become an assertive listener –Repeat what you have heard to avoid misunderstandings;
  2. Be aware of facial expressions and body posture;
  3. Focus on the speaker and avoid outside distractions (cellphone calls and texting) unless related to the business at hand;
  4. Include names and other facts of the event into your conversation;
  5. Talk in short sentences to decrease interruptions;
  6. Ask  the following to get people talking: – WHAT- HOW-WHY’;
  7. Nod your head or confirm a statement when listening;
  8. Pause after a question and never ask more than one question at a time;
  9. Use eye contact and above all use common sense;
  10. Above all remember to respect the boundaries of oneself and others.

Don’t forget that listening takes a conscious effort and the need to concentrate on the other person’s conversation.

Time to repeat and plan another great event- You have fun and ENJOY!

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