How Much Does It Cost?

I’m often asks this question:  What is your price or fee? 

Money Key

This is often puzzling to me as this is really not the most important element of the event.  There are actually more important questions to ask FIRST such as:

1) Are you available to plan and coordinate an event on this day?

2) At this location?

3) At this time of day? and

4) Within this budget?

This is not an unusual question to ask because we are all guilty at times of saying the same thing when searching for products over the telephone.  Most of my requests are received through emails and telephone conversations and this is often the first question if not the only question after saying hello.

Listed below are a few ways to overcome this ‘aha’ moment.

1)      You should first say – “Thank you for calling and having an interest in our services”;

2)      Start a friendly conversation as you draw the client’s attention to the services that you offer that will add value  to the event;

3)      Always speak in a friendly yet professional tone;

4)      Offer to meet the client so you can listen further to their desires and make that personal connection;  and

5)      Remember the client is calling you for information so sincerely thank them for the telephone call or email before the conversation ends.

If the conversation starts with that awkward moment ask for specifics on what is needed before quoting a cost even if you provide package services.  I find that most clients want more than what is initially requested.

It is always good to review this situation in reverse order even if you need to practice with a partner.  This should eliminate that silent moment of the conversation and the opportunity to provide your unique services to a client.

It takes practice; however, it works.   So let’s enjoy the conversations as we move forward.


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