Expect the UnExpected

When planning any event you should always expect the unexpected.  Not because you want anything outside of the norm to occur; however, always prepare with a Plan B.

Listed below are just a few examples.

Our team had worked hours on setting up a venue with candles for a grand gala.  I’m talking about 100’s of vases filled with colored water- topped with flowing candles surrounded by votives.  Within hours before the venue was to open a blast of air swept through the room and blew out all of the candles and turned over table toppers.

After a few tear drops we immediately moved to re-arrange the room, drive to the nearest store to purchase led lights while others made a bee-line to a fresh market to purchase flower petals.  By the time the guest arrived the room was absolutely spectacular.  The up-lights moved the attention from the table tops and the large centerpiece arrangements set on mirrored tile saved the day.  I realized that if you want the ambience to last for hours the led lights and light strips can be a party saver.

Here is another example.

I had planned a small formal dinner party and the client wanted traditional alternative and folk music to play for the evening.  However, when the guest arrived they wanted to hear contemporary R&B and the Motown sound.  The host immediately came to me to see what could be done at the last minute.  Before the event I had prepared the DJ for a possible change in the music genre.  No doubt it was an easy changeover.  By the end of the evening all you could hear was: ‘This was the best party I have ever been to.  The food was great and the music was just what I needed to complete my evening.”

No matter what you plan- ALWAYS EXPECT the UNEXPECTED.  Our task as the planner is to relieve your stress and put you at ease so you can have fun and Enjoy!

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