Is There A Special Food Request?

When planning events remember that the caterer should be aware of any restrictive food selections or any special dietary needs.  You want everyone to enjoy the party; however, one food selection for a guest allergic to shell fish will mean a trip to the emergency room.  It is never impolite to ask if there is anyone with a food allergy or an allergy to some fruits, nuts, and wheat or corn preservatives.   Some guests may be vegetarians and all of this information should be known before your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

                        So what should be done?

 Ask in plenty of time before the event what the restrictions are and not what is your preference.  This is usually done with a menu card inside of your invitation or by a simple email with the selection choice to the menu of vegetarian, vegan, kosher or other considerations.

So you might ask what is the difference between vegetarian and vegan.  A simple explanation is that vegetarians do not eat meat or meat based products, fish, or poultry or products that contain gelatine.  However, some vegetarians will eat dairy products to include eggs.  On the other hand vegans eliminate all animal products from the diet including dairy and eggs.  The best idea is to always ask to clarify if you are unsure regarding the food restrictions.

If servicing from a plated dish it is most important to know the guests food selections.  However, if offering a buffet always include well-labeled food choices.  This is also a great idea even if your guests have made no request before the event yet they are changing to a healthier lifestyle.

Substitution is another option to provide selections  such as a spice and herbs display, assorted  whole grain breads,  natural or sugar-free sweeteners, low-fat yogurt,  and for your fresh salads top with raisins or cranberries.

Keep your menu simple and interesting for everyone to enjoy and have a great time.  Are you ready to party?

Let’s Enjoy!


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