The Importance of a Themed Event

When talking with clients regarding any event whether for a meeting or special event there should be a theme or story about the organization that you want to share.  Your selected theme will set the mood and outline the timeline of events that will follow.  Your theme should provide the reason(s) for the event.   As an example a wedding couple would want to send the message of the love they share and how their paths have led up to this special day.  If you were planning a non-profit event the theme would provide information on the current status of the organization and how their donations would provide help to improve and move forward in various areas of concern.  Another example is a dinner party to introduce a new artist.  This event could showcase the artist talents by having them to actually perform and to definitely tell their story of how they started in the business and their journey along the way to success.  You can never tell who may be in the audience that is looking just for that talent for their next event.  Your message must be consistent and clear leaving little doubt to your guests.  When planning an event your theme can be as creative as there are unlimited ways to share your information to the clients.

I was asks to coordinate a business table for VIPs at a business networking meeting on a riverboat setting.  My first question was is there a theme to this networking event.  The client indicated the theme was for everyone to have a good time as if they were at a kid’s party networking in a fun way.

Because the event was held on a boat I dressed their chairs, used a different table overlay and the centerpiece arrangement was a riverboat covered in flowers.  To add a little fun the center boat was encircled with smaller boats that were used as place cards.  This was a simple idea; yet it created a great networking conversational message for the guests at the table and within the room.

I would keep these steps in mind when preparing your themed event.  1) Is this the best theme to relay my message to the guests; 2) Did I consider my audience or clients; and  3) What decorations or room setting is required to express the theme.

Why not make your event one that will be remembered by all—Enjoy!

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