Tips on Selecting a Venue

Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center

Many times you will decide on the number of guests for the event, the date and yet have not reserved the location for the meeting or party. There are a few things that should be considered before you continue to plan the event.

  1. Look for a venue where all of the guests can be comfortably seated and have room to move around.  This is true even for dinner parties.  Some homes will only accommodate so many individuals and if you plan on having the party or meeting on the lawn don’t forget you need a second location just in case the weather changes.
  2. Did you consider the bathroom accommodations? Do you want your guests in and out of the house or even using your bathroom?  Just be aware of the  personal needs of the guests. Of course if you are at public or private venues these concerns should be addressed upfront.
  3. Don’t forget to accommodate your guests that may have a disability. They must be considered for ease of movement to enter, while on the property and ease of leaving the property. It is not always a wheelchair, rolling walker or walking cane.
Listening Ear           4. Did you consider hearing impairment?    Is it necessary to have audio equipment? Visual impairment? If you are showing a PowerPoint or even showing photos of the family all of your guests should be able a see without obstructions blocking the view. 5. Did you consider any language barriers? language barrier With the current demographics your guests list may include individuals from different countries particularly if this is a corporate meeting. However, many dinner parties now include guests from other companies outside of the United States. These senior managers will be introducing themselves to your family and friends. 6. Are there enough parking spaces for the guests? Parking Spaces If you are hosting a dinner party don’t forget to consider your neighbors as they want to enter and exit their homes with ease. And you need to consider any emergency vehicle that may be entering the neighborhood for ease of traveling up and down the street. These are just a few of the tips I will be sharing when planning your next event.  

Prepare and Plan for Success-   Now Let’s ENJOY!!!

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