Handling Difficult People

3d people holding hands #1Have you ever been in a situation where no matter what you said or tried to explain someone just does not want to listen or even attempt to work with you for the good of the group?

This can become so frustrating and actually it will waste valuable time that should be used to prepare and plan to meet the deadline and win that next contract.  We also experience these situations when dealing with some individuals in the customer service profession.  Just the other day I wanted to clarify information on a billing statement and you would have thought the representative rendered the services.  I started to end the conversation and tell them ‘it is not that serious’.

Here are a few tips that I recommend:

1)    Decide if it is worth the challenge;

2)    Choose to remain calm and in control;

3)    Give the individual the opportunity to explain (Not all day);

4)    Listen closely for a solution to the matter;

5)    Realize there is no need to prove someone wrong to correct the situation;

6)    Think before you speak;

7)    Make every attempt to reduce tension; and

8)    Remember that conflict can build trust and true loyalty.

Within each situation look for positive solutions and positive qualities and attributes in your employees and clients.  The main goal is finding the solution within the problem.

People are looking for problem solvers NOT problem makers.

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