Holiday Crunch

Event Planning and Coordinating this time of year can be crazy fun.  Are you ready for the challenge?

You much be ORGANIZED and work within a TIMELINE.  Because everyone is excited about meeting and networking you will find that volunteers have other ideas.  As the professional, remember it is our task to ensure that everything runs smoothly with or without volunteers.

You much have PERSONALITY SKILLS.  If you direct someone to move or walk around a display you might get a ‘side-eye’ or even an answer of ‘I’m not going….’  Remember to stay professional and assist by not escalating the conversation.

You need ENERGY.  Try to eat a small amount of protein just before the event, so you’re not playing host on an empty stomach. Trying to organize, meet and greet with a smile on an empty stomach is not good.

You must remain PROFESSIONAL.  If you are the first person that the guests see upon arrival the tone is set for entering the party.  Good organization at a registration table ensures a smooth entrance into the event.

You must have some FLEXIBILITY.  At my last event nothing could be set-up as pre-arranged.  The layout may not be to scale; therefore, arrive earlier to view the site and make adjustments as needed.  Don’t blame others as you have taken on this responsibility.

Remember to take some time for SELF to RELAX.  The key is PREPARATION.

At the end of the party you want the guests to leave saying: This was the best party ever.  Then you can kick-off those shoes and have a drink of your choice.

Okay it times to prepare for our next event- Happy Holidays to You and Your Family


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