So You Want to Be an Event Planner?

I receive many calls from individuals that want to become event planners and would like the opportunity to work within my company.  Over the years I have employed several individuals and find that many believe there is little work involved to have a successful event from the start to the finish.

Event Planning


Listed below are a few attributes that are keys to your success in this field.



  1. The ability to LISTEN and INTERACT with others in various environments.  This trait is not included with a scholastic degree;
  2. CREATIVITY with the ability to view an event site and picture the venue through the eyes of the client.  This is also includes the ability of creativity thinking often referred to ‘thinking outside of the box’;
  3. ADAPT to the current trends and work within the sometimes challenging environments;
  4. The trait to become a TEAM PLAYER and work effectively with others within and outside of the organization;
  5. COMMUNICATION SKILLS is so important with our diverse working environment and ethnic groups.  You must be conscious of the different styles and body language that may be encountered during an initial meeting as this may place you in an awkward position to move forward;
  6. LEADERSHIP and ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS are very important as this includes the logistics of the planning process.  Multi-tasking is an integral part or getting the job done through others and to be able to address concerns as they occur.
  7. You will become a PROBLEM SOLVER.

These are just a few of the traits that are considered in being a success event planner.  Most of all be honest with yourself and see if this is just a hobby or will this become a productive business.

The end results are where you have taken care of the details and the clients and their guests can ENJOY the event.


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