The Perfect Gift

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a gift?  I love to guess what is in the package and actually take my time to open in order to enjoy the moment.  I realize there are gifts you will receive that should have been given to someone else; however, remember if you re-gift not to give back to the individual that gave the present to you.

I read this article in November issue of Entrepreneur and wanted to share some gifting tips in an office environment.

  1. Be careful when giving out a gift card;
  2. No coupons, please;
  3. Anything with the company logo is not a gift;
  4. Promotional pens, watches and shirts are not gifts; and
  5. Promotional stress-relief toys are absolutely not gifts.

This was such an interesting article because it says that investor’s want gifts that will provide them a return and employees would really appreciate a gift that is selfless, thoughtful and surprising.

These were only words of thought; however, in some cases they are so true.

OK for my business this will call for rethinking yet having some fun by giving with thought and appreciation for services well deserved.

Have fun and Enjoy!!

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