Did I Remember That Name?

We have all gone to meetings and forgotten someone’s name that was really important for us to remember. Or you remember the name after you get home. Some people make a game of remembering names by association or even by events. There must be an easier way since they readily recognize you by name yet you have no idea of when and where we last met.

Forget Your NameSome people are just good at remember names and have that photographic mind where no person is a stranger and it definitely brings credibility to family, friends and your business associates. I find the best way to remember is to ask again and repeat if you did not hear clearly. In crowded rooms with others talking and music it is difficult. I have even written the name down on a napkin and have asks for a business card for association. To remember a name is important; however, you want to be interested in the conversation as the name will normally be repeated again.

Let’s Try This:

1) Listen and Repeat if unsure. I have heard my last name repeated in several ways even after I spell it. I’m thinking did I pronounce it clearly? If you talk low or too fast a name can be misunderstood;

2) Repeat and Rethink. If you are holding a conversation repeat and respect that individual by calling them by name; however, don’t get carried away. One on one introduction is much earlier than group introductions. I do well just to remember my own name; and

3) If possible use association; however, make sure the name goes with the correct individual. If not a disaster will occur and that person will definitely remember you.

‘They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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