Let’s Unfold Our Possibilities


I find that when I need a boost in my career and a clearer picture of my goals a power workshop is my answer. Our imagination is limitless if we decide to walk toward the challenge and unfold the many possibilities that lie ahead.

I experienced that today as there is no limit to myself. Change MUST happen because the more we practice the more we will increase the possibilities.

Let consider these points:
1- To move forward we must let go of things that are not important or have become a routine;
2- Start each day with positive and not negative energy;
3- Create a journal and think outside the lines on the paper. Who said everything had to be between the blue lines?
4- The possibility vision board can be seen by others as it is not easy to move forward alone; and
5- As a worn out computer it may be time to totally delete and remove unused and useless programs.

Mrs. Aundrea Wilcox, Senior Business Counselor of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center at ETSU says: ‘Smart women will not limit themselves; yet they will start a race in order to finish. Encourage and strengthen one another.’  Let’s change, unlock our possibilities, support and push through to unfold our next vision.


It’s Right Ahead- Time to Soar

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