BeBlogalicious 2015

09-14-2015 021What a value packed weekend at Blogalicious 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. This was not my first conference; however, ‘Build Your Own Empire’ theme left me gasping for air at the end of the day. From the start to the end of the conference on Saturday evening each and every sponsor and expert speaker was more engaging in and out of the Empire-Building sessions. The main emphasis was on your Credibility, your People Skills, your Resources and most important was SELF. There was so much to take away with great networking opportunities.

Charles Major, High Ticket Sales Advisor, Marketing Investor and author of ‘Become a Mogul’, says to Plan-Hustle-Win-Repeat. He also said it is easy to see the destination; however, not the journey as it’s all about value at the end of the day.

Kaili Carr, trusted advisor to executive and entrepreneurial women that are interested in raising their profile, improving their image and performing their best emphasized that you must trust and have confidence in yourself inside and out.

Leticia Barr, founder of the award winning Tech Savvy Mama, a site that assists parents in navigating the world of technology continued to help me after the conference by providing resource information and taking time to talk with me even between sessions. Leticia shared a different view with me regarding a business venture. The atmosphere was electric with wealth building energy.

And of course Stacey Ferguson (Justice Fergie), the Chief Curator of the BeBlogalicious community along with her team provided the top of the top speakers. No doubt Stacey believes in her mission where you can see how she has collaborated with the best and it shows with her celebration as a lifestyle media and events producer, social media personality, expert blogger and by no means an attorney by trade.

Thanks to the Team Blogalicious: Stacey Ferguson, Co-Founder and Chief Curator- @justicefergie; Jazzy Jones, Operations and Community Manager-@jazzy0nez; Xina Eiland, Director of Media and Strategic Relationships @xeiland; Pamela King, Account Manager, The bLink Marketing Network @datingmyspouse; Terrance Gaines, Technology Advisor @brothatech; Cara Paige, Marketing Director @CaraPaigePR; and definitely not last in my sight the Social Squad Coordinator at the Blogalicious Weekend, Jana Pauldin @ladyjanap.

There were so many fabulous speakers that I could not name them all as I was unable to attend that many classes.  As you can tell I had a great time – So not sharing everything just enough to get you excited about the BLOGALICIOUS 2016 WEEKEND next year.

It’s Time to Start Building YOUR Empire.

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