Creative or Innovative

We often get these words mixed up. To be creative is to be original by creating ideas and to be innovative is to bring those ideas to reality or life. One of the challenges with ideas is getting others to accept change. A big change is not necessary in most cases; however, you should think of changing or rearranging something. Xoom May 2012 138Many times it may take days to ensure that you are creating the visual to express the theme and purpose from the client. A simple theme can change into a magical moment in time. Often our ideas will flow freely; however, at other times just as writing a book you might get a mental block. When this happens step away from the project and review the purpose and expected results for the client or yourself. Also seek help from your staff and by listening to other ideas within the project itself. These conversations can help you move forward by hearing one word as not to criticize ideas presented by others but to review all of the options. Don’t forget to write down your ideas and post for everyone to read. Just make this a free conversation and open with timed response. If not you could stay on one subject for hours and never make any progress. Consider making a bullet list of the ideas and discuss with the group with an open mind. Never go into the meeting not wanting to change your thinking as if you are the only one with a good idea. Sometimes my ideas come in the middle of the night so I leave a note pad near the bed just in case I forget the idea when I awake. You can also get great ideas from social media such as Pinterest, movies titles, designer magazines and sometimes just by taking a quiet walk. Never limit yourself as creativity can be found around your home. Creativity is all around as it is unexpected and will make you authentic and unique.

– Let’s take it to the next level and ENJOY!!!-

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