Centerpiece Ideas on a Budget

If you are looking for a clean arrangement for your table consider this combination of tulips and sliced limes.  You can normally find these flowers and others in season at your local market.  It is a modern yet an affordable arrangement for most budgets.

You can create eggshell votives (Martha Stewart) from all the eggs you are dying this weekend.  The eggcups can be found at most department or thrift stores or you can use the votive candle holders.  If there is a lot of space in the holder fill with glitter and this will also help to hold the egg shell in place.  This has a light ambience and can create for you a quiet moment of reflection.

Place your dyed eggs in a carton and carefully make holes in the top of each egg.  Remove the metal disc from a votive candle and place in the bottom of the egg shell.  If the base is too large use the wick and carefully pour a small amount of melted candle wax to hold the wick in place.

Let’s have fun and Enjoy!! 

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