Just the Right Photo

Have you ever wanted to get that right photo for that right spot in your home or office?   There are so many beautiful photos all around us that are only a ‘click’ away.  During the different seasons you can create or redesign a room or hall in your home to reflect the simple wonders that surround us.

I took this photo when walking at my quiet time of day.

I’m not a professional photographer; however, what a great picture.  I have even had some of my friends to asks for some of the photos as they want to frame them and place in their homes.

Another idea — take photos when you walk with friends and invite them over for a photo party. You can also use this idea for class reunions, invitations, thank you cards, etc.

You can also use this idea for place settings.  I had a client that absolutely loved castles and created photos for each of the guest tables along with a vintage lantern.   What a wonderful way to exchange pictures and update that favorite space in your area of the world.



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