Advice from Successful People

I read this article in O Magazine and want to share some of the advice from successful people.  There are many books on this issue; however, I find that real experience works best for me.  Let me know what you think–

“Not to Sweat the Small Stuff” –  Alyssa Goodman, PhD, Professor of Astronomy, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

I find that there are some issues not worth fighting.  You can spend all day looking for long life candles when you can go to a discount store and buy led lights that last for hours and will not melt on the table overlays.

Success Stories
Success Stories

“How to Delegate”Ivanka Trump, Executive VP, Trump Organization

The best planner can run around all day and try to do everything with everyone.  However, if you have a team that you trust and that is loyal to you delegate some duties so you can oversee the entire project.  Ivanka says to ‘hire people smarter than you’!

“Not to Waste Time at Your Computer”Piers Steel, PhD, author of The Procrastination Equation

Okay I’m at the computer but not wasting time.  Dr. Steel believes you should take time to focus and actually think about what is happening while at that computer.  I now designate specific times in the day for all of the social media sites.  If not you will be spending time and not being productive in increasing your money flow.

“How to Spot a Good Opportunity”Christina Wayne, former Senior VP at AMC, current President of Cineflix Studios and an Executive Producer of the new BBC America series Copper

I find there are opportunities that come before us each day.  The concern is that we are not always ready to accept them.  Christina says that when an opportunity comes ask yourself the following:  1- Do I really want this; 2- Am I doing it for the money; 3- Am I doing it for prestige;  or 4- Just because I think I should?  We both agree that if an opportunity does not come to you then make your own.

“Adapt When Your Life Takes a Turn”April Holmes, Paralympic Gold Medalist in the 100-meter dash.

If we all knew what would happen in our life’s the next hour I’m sure meetings would be cancelled, dishes left in the sink, clothes to be washed and even contracts to be finalized.  Life is precious and should be cherished and valued at all times.  Kind words of encouragement and sincere hearts of gratitude are very important.

April says you can’t move very fast if you are carrying a lot of baggage.  For some it is so easy to get weighed down with bad stuff and think what could have or should have happened.  After her accident April had a new dream and that was to take another step in life.

Remember these are success stories of others; however, we can create our own.  I would love to hear some of your successes and no doubt I realize failures can create marvelous successes in our life’s story.






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