Keys to Success

I normally share information from events that have happened in my business.  However, I read this article in O Magazine and want to share some jewels that have helped me to be successful.

  1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff  –  I find that this will hold you back as you pause to correct issues that may never happen;
  2. Pace Yourself  – If you are in to big of a hurry you may miss a jewel on the way;
  3. Try New Things  –  Sometimes change is the best solution;
  4. Know When To Quit  –  Yes there are times when you need to stop, turn around and go in another direction.  Try the word NO;
  5. Delegate   – This may be hard to do; however, it is necessary in the process to move forward;
  6. Laugh  –  Everything is not that serious and often a laugh will keep the party moving;
  7. Spot Good Opportunities  –  Remember when an opportunity arrives you need to be ready to move forward; and
  8. Win the Fight  –  Some things are just not worth the battle.  Be selective and reach for your goal.

Keys to Success

So let’s keep it moving and thank you for the Secrets to Success at


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