Breaking the ICE – Team Building

I was talking with a client the other day and the subject came up regarding Team Building.  As a former training manager these retreats can be so much fun and they can be a little scary.  This is because you may find out information that had been hidden or you will find a good laugh and having some fun will definitely break the ice.

thBelieve it or not we are often hindered by misinterpretations from the time we open our mouths.  Some of our roadblocks are: 1) Staring without blinking; 2) Talking to impress; 3) Going back in time (who knows what you are talking about); 4) Controlling the conversation;  and 5) Saying ‘I Understand’ and get caught. 

We can overcome each one of these situations by looking at OUR Attitude; OUR Assumptions; OUR missing Information; and realizing that we are ALL different individuals.

So let’s Inhale and Exhale as we realize the listener is Not YOU so think of the other person’s view point.

Here are a few fun ways to break the ice and have some fun while building better working relationships while enjoying.

Game One:  Vacation Time would be to ask everyone to introduce themselves and describe their best vacation.  Who knows you may have gone to the same location and have a common interest from the very start.

Game Two: Describe yourself with at least three adjectives such as 1- Charming; 2- Energetic; 3- Witty

Game Three: Let’s Find a Partner – With numbers pasted out earlier in the day give each participant a number and have them find their partner with the same number in hand.  Within a 2 minute time period learn enough about that person to introduce them to the group at “My new friend is…”

There are also brain teaser puzzle that seem simple to solve; however, you would not believe how many adults are unable to guess the answers.  There are so many activities and you can even solve a work project during the process.  This is actually called a breakthrough session where everyone in each department can have input where the top of the management team gets a chance to hear from others indirectly involved.


Just keep in mind that these activities are to have fun and learn from and with each other-NOT to be degrading or harmful.


So let’s have some fun, learn, and put into action new skills that will build employee morale and teamwork.



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