Achieve – Accomplish or BOTH?

Keep Going

“To Accomplish” mean to bring something to a conclusion. “To Achieve” means bringing about an intended result.”  …John C. Maxwell, Internationally recognized Leadership Expert, Speaker, and Author

As a Special Events Planner I want to add value to the vision of the client. In order to achieve this goal listening to the unspoken request becomes a valuable tool to accomplish and complete a successful event.

What is your WHY???

1) Do you find a Passion or Desire in the project?  I actually become more energized when there is a challenge in the task. Thinking– When you start your car it takes the turning of the ignition key to send energy to the motor to produce the power to move. What is moving you to accomplish your goals?;

2) Be a Risk Taker.  Sometimes moving forward means we must take the risk and oftentimes it could only be by asking questions. Why not give it your best as failure is not the end; however, it can be the beginning of something great;

3) Be Determined.  Many times we are at the finish line and give up within a few feet to the end of the race. I have often heard that an airplane can glide to the runway if engine power is loss. Okay I’m not one to experience this; however, we need positive support to keep us lifted up with encouragement and motivational words and;

4) Decide to make a Decision.  Not knowing where you are, where you have been and where you want to go is exhausting.

My long term goals started as a dream with the desire to be more than ‘just here’. So let’s make our goals a reality and have some FUN!!!

         “Don’t fight the problem, Decide it.”   …George C. Marshall, American statesman and soldier, famous for his leadership roles during World War II and the Cold War

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